International Business Orientation (IBO) 2018


The International Business Orientation (IBO) is the perfect opportunity for young professionals to be introduced to the international business of PostNL, work together with enthusiastic colleagues and develop your consultancy-skills.

During the IBO you will be a YPNL-consultant with one goal: a happy customer. Together with several other YPNL’ers you will work on a real assignment, provided by your client (a business owner from PostNL Cross Border Solutions). You will follow several training sessions and receive coaching from external consultants to help you fulfill your assignment. The finishing touch is an international trip to further develop your knowledge of PostNL and its efforts abroad.

The IBO will start on the 15th of June with the kick-off, during which you will receive a tour through IMEC (the new operational site of International) and get to know the other participants, clients, consultants and organizers. From there on there will be a monthly meeting during which the training sessions are held and all groups get to present their progress. Your end result will be presented at the start of November, shortly after we made our way towards the, ‘for now’, secret international location.

Are you excited? Then this is the time to sign up! The contribution for every participant is €100,-, which will be used for the training sessions and the international trip. Due to the high interest of the event, there will be a selection procedure. By a letter of motivation and a short questionnaire, the most motivated colleagues will be chosen to participate. After you’ve enrolled, you’ll receive an email including the instructions to complete your registration. The registrations will be open till the 14th of May. Don’t be late! We’ll announce the selected participants at the end of May!

For more information you can reach out to us by sending an email to


Below you will find a short description of the 4 assignments:

To China flow (Cross Border)

Will you find the success formula to get our China flow growing again?

We have had a large flow of products to China. For transportation of these products, the Express Mail Service, Direct Parcel and Deliver Dutch services are used. Now that the prices increased significantly we are losing a lot of volume in the to China flow. During this assignment you’ll create insight in the Chinese market and perhaps even advise on an adjusted/new product proposition. What would your advice be to get a better grip on our to China flow?

Brexit (Strategy)

Can you find out what impact BREXIT has on our business?

Brexit is a term for the potential or hypothetical departure of the United Kingdom from the European Union. But you already knew this. What we don’t know yet, is what this in practice means for our business. We need help to get better insight in what the consequences are for CBS once Brexit takes place. We need you to research what the customer, finance, operations and IT impact is. Can you give us concrete actions based on previously finished research?

Data driven product development

Will you define a new, unique product or service for CBS?

The eCommerce market is getting more and more competitive with a strong focus on price. All postal operators offer the same products, while competitors set up their own logistical networks, some even with a unique proposition, like a CO2 friendly bike delivery service. CBS currently retrieves millions of order details (through pre-alerts). Can we use this information to develop a new product or service? The CBS E-commerce team and Digital Development team challenge you to think out of the box and use our data to come up with a new product.

International Returns

Will you find synergy between international hubs and improve their returns process?           

CBS has three international hubs, IMEC –  Den Haag, GLM – Southall en BRT – Mechelen. These three hubs all have their own international returns process. We want you to identify these three process and look what kind of synergies you can find between the different processes. The goal of this assignment is to find a solution which improves the international return process and increases customer value by finding synergy between these three hubs.

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